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The entrepreneurship is a fundamental to reach the maximum drive on a sustainable way and with the clear assurance that no stress, unexpected conditions and/or events can damage the firm’s franchise. It is about setting up the right organisation and governance body with clear roles and responsibilities, as well as about having on board an appropriate and effective internal control framework at corporate level with an holistic view on risks. Many firms, as well, intend to now or are on track to reshape their business model, with many change, post-merge and transformation programs that bring instability to the firm and lead to the risk to not achieve the objectives and values. Also, ever than before, making business is become hard as the environment can evolve very rapidly. Coaching and benchmarking are ways to be challenged and secured.  


We are more than committed to assist the firms with respect to their entrepreneurial objectives. In all these matters, we mix a solid and grounded experience with clear and robust methodological approaches as well as we are profoundly attached to mix active listening of the client with creative and pragmatic solutions.   


> Organisation

> Governance and leadership

> Enterprise risk management

> Change & transformation

> Post-merge administration

> Assurance  control

> Personal coaching

> Interim management

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